Feel Good About Your Choice


Don't settle for just anything to eat when you're hungry. At Front Street Deli, you can choose from a unique, great-tasting, satisfying, and fully customizable menu.

High Quality

There's no compromise and no cutting corners when it comes to picking select, fresh, high quality ingredients for every original Front Street Deli recipe.

Reasonably Priced

When The Front Street Deli first opened,
the mission was, and always will be,
"To provide great-tasting, high quality, reasonably priced, good healthy food!"

Good Healthy Food!

When you choose Front Street Deli, you can feel good about the food you and your family eat. At Front Street Deli, you'll always find GOOD HEALTHY FOOD in every order!

Menu Preview

Appetizers & Sides

Meal starters to tame your growling appetite

Start your Front Street Deli experience off with one of the tasty "teasers," specially made to quickly satisfy that urgent hunger craving. Take the edge off, then prepare for the next level of awesomeness.

Hot & Cold Sandwiches & Subs

Original or "Custom Orders," made exactly how you want it!

Everyone LOVES choices! The more choices-the better. Choose your favorite cold cuts, bread, toppings and dressing, then it's combined into an awesome sandwich or sub and garnished with Sun Chips. Theres a long list of "one-of-a-kind" Hot Sandwiches and Subs as well. Hot or Cold, these original Front Street Deli favorites are exactly what you asked for!

Pizzas, Stromboli & Calzone

Original or "Custom Orders," made how you want it and Freshly Baked!

Home of the original "Jumbo Slice," a huge tasty portion of total pizza bliss. Hand-made dough, home-made sauces, fresh select ingredients, topped with the finest cheeses and a sprinkle of magical spices. The Original Front Street Deli Pizza, Stromboli and Calzone are all oven baked to a crispy perfect golden goodness, always made with lots of LOVE!

Wraps & Salads

Fresh Wholesome Ingredients Plated or Wrapped!

Satisfying salad combinations from The Original Front Street Deli's recipes. Also try the incredibly delicious wrap selections. All made with a healthy mix of crisp lettuce and veges, choice cuts of meat, fresh toppings and flavorful dressings. Enjoy your favorite salad on a plate or get creative and have it made into a wrap.

Quesadillas & Hot Dogs

Stuffed Tortillas & "Made to Order" BEEF Hot Dogs!

Grilled meats, cheeses and veges, stuffed inside deli-style Quesadillas are available. And 100% All Beef Hot Dogs cooked to a Coney Island style crispy snap. The hot dogs are fully customizable! Get crazy and come up with your own original ideas from a combination of any ingredient listed in the hot dog section of the menu. Create your own Food Channel worthy dog.

NEW Dinner Specials

Coming Soon! Book the "Family Room" for a Get-Together

The Original Front Street Deli of Hollidaysburg is always looking for better ways to serve its customers. There's always some type of renovation or menu upgrade going on. A NEW "Family Room" will soon be available to couples, families or small groups that want to enjoy a "Private" section of the restaurant for specially prepared dinners, gatherings or meetings. These special dinners will also be available for take-out.